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Musical Greeting Cards

When simple handwritten words fall short to express what we feel, musical greeting cards can do the job. Use the power of music or your own voice to better express yourself. bigDAWGS greetings offers a wide selection of musical greeting cards perfect for any occasion. Spread some love and positivity during the holiday season through our collection of Valentine’s Day cards, Halloween,  and Christmas, among others. Life is more fun when you take the time to stop and appreciate those people who has been with you in both big and small moments and milestones with our cards for wedding and anniversary, baby, graduation, and thank you or perhaps our congratulations or retirement cards. And let us not forget the occasion that never goes out of season, birthdays and not to mention those just because random thoughts in our everyday moments. Because every card has a story to tell, remembering not only the good stuff but also being there during the tough times, let your family and friends know that you are with them through our sympathy and get well cards. No matter the occasion, bigDAWGS greetings has the perfect card to complete the celebration. You are unique and so should your card be.

Our greeting card selection also features friendship cards, good luck cards and missing you cards. bigDAWGS greetings promotes equality and values diversity with our LGBTQIA cards. Let our love cards speak when the heart becomes too weak.

If you are looking for something more specific, we have a number of collections that may be suitable for your needs. bigDAWGS greetings also proudly offers unique Video Greeting Cards, Musical Gift Tags and Musical Magnets, Sound and Video Modules and all those DIY projects. Be sure to also browse our How-Tos & Ideas when you take a tour of our site.

bigDAWGS greetings, here to help you better express yourself one card at a time.

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