Make the gift of giving even more special with our Musical Gift Tags

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Need a special twist on your gift tags? Personalize messages onto gifts with musical gift tags. In the article below we will go through the various ways you can use  the gift tag as well as how to apply and record.

What are our Musical Gift Tags?

Our musical gifts tags are a creative solution to bringing the out of the ordinary to a normalized object.
The purpose is to redefine new mediums of technology to make every gift a personal one, a gift from the heart.

Types of Musical Gift Tags

Magnetic Gift Tags

This series of gift tags provides a magnet at the back, allowing the product to connect to fridges, magnetic boards, even cars! Easily just detach it to move to another location, it becomes a keepsake that will be remembered for years to come. The magnetic sound tags are only available with the manual play button.

Adhesive Gift Tags

The adhesive series of gift tags provides you a sticky backing to attach onto wrapped packaging, or products thats are non-metallic. These gift tags are offered in two different models, one installed with a manual play button to play sound, and the other with an integrated motion light that detects movement to play sound. The latter is typically placed inside a gift box, so as soon as the recipient removes the lid of the box, the music begins to play.

How it Works

Each one of our sound tags contain a device inside that provides a speaker for outplaying sound as well as a microphone to record the sound. Yes, every one of our pre-designed sound tags are recordable! Please refer to the product page for instructions on how to record sound
on the module.

We also have a supply of blank soundtags which you can decorate personally with embellishments, photos, or illustrations!

Some of our blank sound cards are non-recordable, because they allow you to connect the module directly to your computer using a usb cable to insert your own sound files for playback. You may load up to 20 different sounds for multiple playback, with each activation.

Our software is provided to all users so that they may easily add their media files to the modules. If you are in need of the software, click the link below, and refer to the instructions on the original product page.

Note: This software is developed for Windows only. Some users have expressed errors with windows 8 and 10. If you are using either of the operating systems, purchase at your own caution, if it does not work we accept returns minus original shipping fees.

Gift Tags for any Occasion!

Here at bigDAWGS we believe every occasion is one to celebrate. From valentines, to birthdays, to christmas we provide pre-designed tags that may be purchased at any time. Just take a look at some of the ones we have created in-house!

We’d love to hear back from you!

We love hearing about how our happy customers success stories after they see the reactions of the recipients opening and watching their gifts! Share with us your stories at [email protected] or leave your review on our products page under the sound tag that you purchased!

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