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Gay or straight, male or female, the bodies that we are born with don’t determine everything about who we really are. Like the colour of our skin or race, it is not something that can be chosen or ever changed. There is nothing certain about our lives based on our DNA.

bigDAWGS greetings supports the LGBTQIA community through our various collection of LGBTQIA Video Greeting Cards, Musical LGBTQIA Cards and Musical LGBTQIA Gift Tags. Because marriage is about love and not gender, bigDAWGS also has a collection of musical greeting cards for the Lovely Grooms and the Lovely Brides. Love is love, whatever form that takes.

Show your support and say what you feel, be more expressive and add a personal touch with our blank musical greeting cards, blank video greeting cards and blank musical gift tags, perfect for those who love writing and drawing, not to mention those who love the DIY arts and crafts too.

If you are looking for something more specific, bigDAWGS greetings also proudly offers unique Video Greeting Cards, Musical Gift Tags and Sound and Video Modules that may be suitable for your need. Be sure to also browse our How-Tos & Ideas when you take a tour of our site.

Here at bigDAWGS, we celebrate all forms of love.

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